The Power of Viral Marketing

In this session, Ben Kaplan will show you how the same principles that cause a cat video to go viral, a social cause to spread, or an unknown startup to accumulate billions of users, can help you get far greater marketing results in less time. Learn how to use the viral litmus test to accelerate word-of-mouth buzz, enhance click-through rates, and increase the effectiveness of digital advertising. Whether you’re a brand manager at an SMB, marketing professional, entrepreneur, or hard-charging CEO, ‘The Power of Viral Marketing’ will change the way you brainstorm, launch, and measure future campaigns.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the principles behind viral marketing and how you can capitalize on them
  • Increase click-through rates, word-of-mouth buzz and the effectiveness of your digital advertising by applying a viral litmus test
  • Transform the way you brainstorm, launch and measure future marketing campaigns to achieve viral marketing success