The Homebrew Brand Ambassador Toolkit: Creating & Managing a DIY Influencer Plan That Scales

Influencer marketing can seem out of reach for small & medium businesses without the people power or resources to manage it. However, it may be the engine you’ve been looking for to scale your business without burning out. Joe Cox has been building Brand Ambassador & Influencer Marketing plans for brands, big and small, since before Facebook had a feed. He’s built this session as a starter kit for small & medium-sized businesses to build their own Homebrew Brand Ambassador/Influencer Plan to help marketers understand how to curate, collect, communicate & compose a team of fans to help you scale everything – from content creation & awareness to product research & distribution.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the key differences between Ambassador Programs & Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Apply brand examples of Ambassador Program success in unlikely places & spaces
  • Get started on your own HomeBrew Brand Ambassador Plan & Toolkit