How to Build an Influencer Marketing Program from the Ground Up

When it comes to social media, every ecommerce marketer would love to have higher content engagement, more followers, passionate brand advocates, and attributable revenues. The challenge is that today’s consumer is overloaded with marketing messages and skeptical of most brand advertising and content. Enter influencer marketing—an ancillary marketing tactic that has grown into an $8 billion industry — and when done well, it’s providing massive viral impact. Unfortunately, brands and marketers are struggling to execute because they do not have a data-first perspective. Selecting influencers with the largest reach or that look the brand’s part rather than engaging influencers who align with your brand’s customers or personas’ swim lane preordains lackluster results. To solve this challenge, join J.J. Abbott as he pulls back his team’s framework for creating impactful influencer marketing campaigns, which have resulted in triple-digit engagement increases and double-digit impacts on revenue generation.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the right influencers to work with your brand
  • Define baseline metrics that every influencer must meet: Geo, engagement, age range, gender, and content alignment
  • Create a tiered engagement strategy with influencers and target audiences that drives sales
  • Develop a comprehensive approach for influencer management from contract and negotiation to scheduling and tracking campaign results