Data-Based Advertising Campaigns that Meet Customers Where They Are

If you’re following the history of advertising, here are two profound truths you might’ve realized by now: First, advertising as we know it is dead; and second, that’s a very good thing. It hardly takes a Mad Man or Woman to realize that advertising was, for decades, defined as amplifying one message over one channel. From billboards and radio spots to expensive TV commercials, we used to think of advertising primarily through the medium in which the ads ran. That’s no longer true. As consumers follow stories on a multitude of platforms, advertising can no longer define itself by the channel it chooses to deliver its message. Instead, Larry Harris, CEO at Alpha Precision Media, will argue that the age of data science-fueled marketing is upon us, which means radically rethinking our approach and delivering campaigns that follow relevant customers, across channels, wherever their attention is spent. He will explain how to replace cultural assumptions made by a small array of industry gatekeepers with a vastly more democratic approach based on what your customers actually want.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why advertising is changing and how this evolution affects your marketing strategy
  • Evaluate whether or not your organization is engaging customers in the right ways, across the right platforms
  • Deploy an omnichannel marketing strategy that’s catered for 2021 and beyond