Consumer Behavior in a Post-Pandemic World: What You Need to Know to Remain Relevant and Valuable

COVID-19 changed everything, including the marketing landscape. The pandemic has had a profound and lasting impact since early 2020, including how customers communicate, shop, purchase and consume products, services and content. Marketers have had to adapt messaging to the post-pandemic customer journey. In this Digital Summit session featuring insights from Kent Lewis of Anvil Media, you’ll get a roadmap to update your marketing and communications strategies based on market research and proven best practices. This session is designed for mid-level to senior-level marketing managers.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the latest consumer behavior trends to better inform your messaging strategy
  • Implement best practices to engage consumers in a post-pandemic world, based on real-world examples from companies doing it well
  • Use a toolkit of additional resources to create your own roadmap