A Framework to Fast-Track Thought Leadership

Everybody wants to be an influencer. A spokesperson. A thought leader. Individuals want to build their personal brands; companies want to build their reputation in their industry; and marketers everywhere want to leverage these people and brands to influence customers and job candidates. But what makes a “thought leader”? How do you go from unknown to unstoppable? How can you accelerate the increase in influence and turn it into a repeatable process to build a pipeline of credible spokespeople?

During this presentation, we’ll discuss the strategies, tactics, and real-world success stories for creating and scaling a thought leadership platform.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a baseline across four pillars to determine where to focus your time and resources
  • Generate topics and outlets to build a thought leadership platform
  • Answer (or help your potential thought leaders answer), “What is my personal brand?”