3 Agile Practices that Time-Strapped Marketers Need in their Lives

In the omni-channel, always-on world of modern marketing, we know we need to be consistently communicating with our audience. That’s even more true when marketing is the driving force behind your prospects and leads. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day, and it’s tough to find time to check all the marketing boxes: email, social, content, SEO etc. But it’s not the time in our day that’s the limiting factor in our marketing effectiveness, it’s what we do with that time. What if our drive to be on every channel in front of every potential customer every minute of the day is actually undermining our ability to focus on the work that could make an impact on our business? In this highly practical session, entrepreneur and expert agilist Andrea Fryrear reveals three Agile practices that have helped her more than double the profits for her business every year since the doors opened through 100% marketing-generated inbound inquiries.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why the all-too-common pitfall of context switching is to blame for late delivery and missed opportunities
  • Use Agile to push yourself beyond the to-do list and force ruthless prioritization of your workday
  • Practice the 10-minute workflow visualization approach that gets work out of your head so you can focus on the most important action items until they’re done